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Alice Francis (DE)

saturday, August 5th 2023, 20:30

Foto Alice Francis
Foto Alice Francis Band
Foto Alice Francis
Foto Alice Francis Band
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The First Lady of electro swing

Alice Francis is the first lady of electro swing. She uses the swing of the roaring twenties and pimps it up with electro beats, hip hop, pop and R’n’B. No decade seems safe from her. Her voice, which is based on jazz iconsv like Billie Holiday or Eartha Kitt, plays with jazz, rap and scat. Francis or “Miss Flapperty” – a name that combines the words liberty and flapper and has stood for self-confident women since the swing era – sees her artistic role model in the spirit of Josephine Baker. Alice Francis represents an escape from the present and breathes life back into days gone by. Their play on the 1920s rewinds a decade of glitz, lust and decadence.

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