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Balkan Paradise Orchestra (ES)

saturday, August 5th 2023, 22:00

Foto Balkan Paradise Orchestra
Foto Balkan Paradise Orchestra
Foto Balkan Paradise Orchestra
Foto Balkan Paradise Orchestra
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All Female Balkan Brass

Finally found: After performances at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, the all female brass band from Barcelona is coming to Detmolder Sommerbühne. Ten extraordinary musicians of the Balkan Paradise Orchestra mix up the associated brass genre and mix different styles in energetic Balkan tradition into a genius dance elixir! At the beginning of 2015, first born and brought to life on the streets of Barcelona – a concert and show act has matured that works both on chic stages and on the street. The credo: “Music is our way of expressing ourselves. We feel alive with it. It moves us and we try to transfer all these emotions to others as well. We’re always experimenting and searching for our own sound without losing sight of the fact that we’re deeply inspired by Balkan music.” The rhythms and vibes burst with power, transforming the brass genre into an energetic fanfare: For those who want to dance wildly again, this is the place for you!

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