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Paula Paula (DE)

friday, August 4th 2023, 20:30

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With her song “Kaputtes Gerät”, which has already been celebrated by Olli Schulz, Till Reiners (German cabaret artists) and various well-curated playlists, Paula Paula is finally showing all her facets!
Songwriter Marlène Colle storms the stage with partners in crime Kristina Koropecki (cello, mellotron), Gisbert zu Knyphausen (bass), Joda Förster (drums) and Daniel Freitag (synths, production) and opens the doors to her self-crocheted, musical universe called “schade kaputt”! Folk tunes meet wannabe punk, baroque cello arrangements meet a wall full of synths, angry political activism meets tenderly broken hippie hearts.
In her lyrics, the Berlin lead singer loves to put her finger in the sore spots of our enlightened society. In German, English and French she sings about everything that isn’t right yet, where we haven’t arrived yet, what isn’t free yet. The humor that is never lacking and the unshakable belief in the possibility of more peaceful, interpersonal interaction shimmers through all the cracks and, despite the heated topics, lets her float out of her debut tour bus with a confused, refreshed smile.

Marlène Colle
Kristina Koropecki
Gisbert zu Knyphausen
Joda Foerster
Daniel Freitag

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