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friday, August 4th 2023, 22:00

Bandfoto MAKE A MOVE
Bandfoto MAKE A MOVE
MAM 2023 01 18x12cm 300dpi (c) by Jona Freigang
MAM 2023 02 18x12cm 300dpi (c) by Jona Freigang
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MAKE A MOVE bounce from the streets of Berlin onto the big stages! There’s horns in tutus, bass and guitar pumping the groove, and it’s all pushed by a rapping drummer in a bathing suit. Sounds over the top? It is. Whether with catchy brass sections, tight rap interjections or the driving groove, MAKE A MOVE makes people bounce. The constantly growing fan base ranges from the club to the big festival meadows. Influences from funk, electro and hip hop characterize the band’s sound. The vibe is positive, the tempo is high and the sound flows straight from the ear to the legs.

Alex Will – bassguitar
Jürgen Meyer – drums
Christoph Margraf – guitar
Matthieu Pérot – trombone
Steffen Heidemann – tenor saxophone
Niko Zeidler – tenor saxophone

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